How To Stay Healthy During Exam Times

How To Stay Healthy During Exam Times

How To Stay Healthy During Exam Times - Ways To Stay Healthy During Exams - Healthy Eating During Exams » How To Stay Healthy During Exam TimesExams can be quite taxing. Do you remember that how you detested that time of the year when you had no choice but to learn, learn and learn more? Now, your kids go through the same grind.But you as parent can certainly make your kids well-equipped mentally, emotionally and physically to handle the exam pressure. Here are some food tips that you can incorporate in your child’s daily schedule to make him or her healthy and alert during exam time.

Studying stimulates intense brain activity, and high levels of action in the brain make the body prone to dehydration. So for this, you can always keep a bottle of water handy on your kid’s study table. You will be glad to read that water aids in digestion and accelerates metabolism. If your child loves juices, then prepare some wonderful fresh juices for him or her.

Juices keep you active throughout your day. Just prepare juice of beetroot, carrot and amla and give it to your kid in the morning. You can squeeze a bit of lemon juice and muddle few tulsi leaves in it. Give this to your kids first thing in the morning. Amla aids in digestion and beetroot and carrot will boost your metabolism and energy levels while tulsi will keep your liver active.

For doing exam preparation, many kids prefer to study at night. To stay awake in the wee hours, your kid may guzzle on tea, coffee or aerated drinks. We all know about the harmful effects of these drinks, so ask your kid to stick on warm herbal drinks. having 1 -2 cups of coffee or tea a day is fine but not more than that. Have water boiled with cardamom and cinnamon. These spices will help in fighting drowsiness and keep your kids focused.

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