How To Take Care Of Your Car During Summers


How To Take Care Of Your Car During Summers


How To Take Care Of Your Car During Summers - Tips For Summer Car Care » How to take care of your car during summersDid you ever think about your poor car that has been parked under the fiery sun during the long odd hours of your office timings? No doubt, it cannot breathe nor can feel the pain but even so, if you become a more caring towards it, the summers can become much more pleasant affair for you four wheeled buggy. So read the tips written below in the article that can help you to take care of your four wheeler in summers.

Try not to park your car in direct sunlight. even keeping it in slight shade will help in controlling the car’s temperature , which- due to the greenhouse effect generated by the glass windows trapping heat- can shoot up to scorching 90 degree Celsius, depending on the temperature outside, the size of your vehicle and the time it spends sunbathing.

Before the temperature starts hitting the mercurial sweet spot, do get your vehicle serviced. Battery fluids dry away faster than you can imagine. Check your oil levels and all those rubber linings under the hood. After all, you sure don’t want to be stranded when the sun is at its peak!

Changing flat tyre can be very tiring. But if the tyre bursts when you are on high speed, it can also prove fatal. And it’s not just alien objects that cause bursts but wrong tyre pressure too. So make sure you get your tyre pressure monitored every time you visit fuel pump. Also check the tread depth and look for bulges and cuts both in the tread area and in the sidewalls. And do remember to check your spare tyre, jack as well as toolkit.

When you use your car’s AC after 4-5 months, make sure you cover your face and let the initial dust settle in the vents pass. Now switch on the AC. get a mechanic to go through the entire system to make sure it’s problem free and fill in with the right amount of coolant. home-amp-decor

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