How to Treat Cold


How to Treat Cold


How to Treat Cold - How to Treat the Cold and Flu - Possible Cold Treatments - How to treat a cold naturally - Tips to Treat Colds and Flu the Natural Way - twelve ways to treat cold » How to Treat Cold NaturallyCommon cold is a problem which is indeed very common especially during advent of winters and change of weather conditions. Though common, cold usually begins with the congestion of the nasal passage and affects the whole body gradually by weakening the system and leading to body pain and even fever. Instead of taking medications every time you suffer from cold, you can follow some given natural remedies to treat cold the natural way.

People with low resistance and immunity are the most likely to be affected. Thus, the basic requirement is to boost up your immune power which can be accomplished naturally through the intake of vitamin C rich foods. Lemon is thus one of the most important natural item for the treatment of cold as it increases body resistance, decreases toxicity and also helps in reducing the duration of illness. When suffering from cold, dilute one lemon in a glass of warm water, add one teaspoon of honey in it and drink the mixture. Garlic, turmeric and ginger are natural herbs which can help in reducing the severity of cold. It is due to this reason that many grannies’ advice ginger tea when suffering from cold. Similarly, you can naturally treat your problem of common cold through the use of the vegetable- lady’s finger. Lady’s fingers have found to be extremely beneficial for the treatment of throat irritation, persistent dry cough and even cold and stuffy nose.

For people suffering from frequent attacks of cold, certain dietary changes need to be made. First of all, eating Vitamin C- rich foods is a must for them. In addition, they should drink fruit and vegetable juices along with abstaining from certain food items like meat, fish, egg and starchy foods.

Follow these effective measures and treat cold naturally without any long term side effects of medications. health

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