How To Treat Insomnia


How To Treat Insomnia


How To Treat Insomnia - Natural Ways Of Treating Insomnia » How to treat insomniaUndoubtedly, insomnia problem attacks people of every age group at one point or another in their whole life. Insomnia unbalances the whole of your life in a big way by affecting your health in a worse manner. Even if you are suffering from this same problem then don’t panic! Just read out the different ways of treating insomnia.

You will be surprised to read that lettuce is beneficial in treating insomnia as it contains sleep-inducing substance called ‘lectucarium’. One tablespoon of lettuce seeds should be boiled in half a liter of water, till one-third reduces it. Drink this decoction and believe me, within a week or so, your problem will start disappearing.

For having sound and restful sleep, have a hot glass of milk sweetened with honey every night before going to bed. I am sure you must have heard this way from your granny too. Isn’t it? It is the most effective and primitive method of gaining sound peaceful sleep; so without wasting any more time, just start drinking this hot stuff.

Massaging the milk over the soles of the feet is also considered as an effective tool for getting rid of insomnia problem. So whenever you gulp a hot glass of milk, place your cup over feet as well to see the difference yourself.

You can also take 2 tablespoon of honey with water, before hitting your bed at nighttime. It will also help in getting rid of insomnia problem. So don’t think much! Just at least try it out once.

A peaceful mind is definitely a pre-requisite for attaining a good sleep. So try out some breathing exercises for 10 minutes before you hit your bed at nighttime to calm your stressed out and frazzled mind and to ensure a good night sleep. health

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