How to Understand Body Language


How to Understand Body Language


How to Understand Body Language - Nonverbal Communication - Basics of Body Language - Body Language and Facial Expressions » Understanding Body LanguageWhen we think of communication, we mostly think of verbal communication. Words are the main form of communicating our thoughts, views and feelings to others. But along with verbal communication, non-verbal communication, expressed mostly through body language, is extremely important. Let’s understand the basics of body language.

How will you to react to a person who passes you a smile? You’ll obviously feel happy and glad. A smile has a power to lighten up someone’s mood and make the person feel loved and happy, something most words fail to do. Our body language plays an important role in our life. Not only does it help in building a strong bond with people, but is also an important component that decides your overall personality. After all, when you go for an interview, your body language speaks and counts a lot.

First let’s understand how body language and non verbal gestures can help communicate your thoughts and feelings to others. A person can come to know a lot about you just by your body language. A friendly smile or a nod, softened eye expression are all signs of friendliness. You can befriend, get angry, or annoy a person just by your body language and facial expressions.

As mentioned before, body language is extremely important during interviews. The way you walk, stand, sit and carry yourself along with your facial expressions and body language while talking convey a lot about you, your confidence and your personality. When you are going for an interview, a firm handshake, straight, firm, yet relaxed posture and good eye contact are secret trump cards for success. After all, an employer not only wants intelligence and knowledge, but also an employee who exhibits confidence and self belief and that is depicted basically by your body language.

Thus, understand and pay attention to body language as this non verbal form of communication is quite important and effective. health

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