Importance Of Dental Hygiene

Importance Of Dental Hygiene

Importance Of Dental Hygiene - Tips For Dental Care » Significance of Dental HygieneNearly ninety percent people suffer from dental problems at some point in their life but by cleaning the teeth properly and going for regular checkups, most of the dental problems can be easily avoided. Some of the common dental ailments are presence of cavity on teeth, tooth sensitivity, pyorrhoea, discolouration of teeth and foul smell in breathing. Considering the tremendous rise in dental problems these days, significance of oral hygiene assumes great significance.

Toothache is not an ailment but it is a symptom of development of some disease. In most of the cases, the problem is associated with cavity. Bacteria develop due to residual sugary and starchy food inside the mouth that deteriorates the tooth condition and makes a hole in it.

Sometimes, saliva and constitution of teeth can also become the cause for cavity development. When teeth are not cleaned properly a yellow layer develops on them. The bacteria accumulated in these layers starts producing toxins, which in turn harm the teeth.

Some of the symptoms for recognizing cavity in teeth are appearance of black or brown spots on teeth, food being stuck and sensitivity of teeth towards hot and cold foodstuff. In such a case, a person must immediately rush to the nearby dentist and get the dental filling done because it is the only way to get the cavity removed or stop from further growth.

Whenever you eat sugary food, make sure to rinse your mouth properly. If the toothache is immense then rinse the mouth with lukewarm water and mix half spoon of salt. It will eliminate the food stuck in the cavity. Take a swab of cotton and dip it in a clove oil and then place it on the area of pain. But remember to put the swab onto the area of pain not anywhere else.

In case of emergency, best remedy is to take prescribed medicine. If pain is occurring because of swelling in gums than rinse your mouth with lukewarm water after adding little bit of salt to it. Don’t apply clove oil if there’s swelling in gums as it can cause irritation as well as blisters.

Generally, people think that foul smell in breathing develops due to stomach problem or sinus problem. However, in ninety five percent of the cases, there is problem with the gums or improper cleaning of teeth. People who regularly suffer from this problem must take mint related products which produces saliva in larger quantity that reduces foul smell in breathing. health

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