Importance Of Good Dental Hygiene

Importance Of Good Dental Hygiene

Importance Of Good Dental Hygiene - How To Prevent Tooth Decay In Children & Tips To Inculcate Habits Of Eating Well In Children » How Important Is Dental HygieneGood Oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of the healthcare of a person. Taking care of oral hygiene means to take care of the teeth and gums properly.

When you have a set of healthy teeth you look good and you feel good too. You can speak and eat properly with a set of healthy teeth. For an overall well being of a person, proper oral hygiene is very important. You can say that you have good dental hygiene when your teeth are clean and gums look pink.

In case you have a problem with your teeth or gum, you are likely to have pain in the teeth or you suffer from bleeding gums and continuous bad breadth. Oral hygiene should be made a practice from the childhood so that as an adult a person can enjoy the healthy life.

Reasons for having a good dental hygiene

There are different reasons for maintaining a good dental hygiene. Regular visit to a dentist would help you to have early diagnosis of problems and diseases like oral cancer. If diagnosed early it can be cured also. The gum diseases can be identified while visiting the dentists and they can be cured if treated properly otherwise the infection in the gum tissues leads to the tooth loss in adults.

As we eat different types of food, these foods along with the bacteria and the saliva forms a whitish layer on the surface of the teeth, which is called plaque. The plaque houses many types of bacteria and can be removed when you are following a good dental hygiene.

Sometimes, there is a layer of hardened calcified plaque formed on the teeth which firmly sticks to the teeth. When you visit your dentists you can get this layer removed. We use our teeth for many years and there are many cases of tooth decay in adults and children causing lots of problems.

Prevent tooth decay by good dental hygiene

If we maintain a good dental hygiene then tooth decay can be prevented. Tooth decay is the gradual breaking down of the tooth enamel and the soft tissue inside, which causes cavities in the tooth. Tooth decay ultimately causes the death of the tooth. Plaque is the main cause of the tooth decay.

The different bacteria in the plaque get sugar from the residual food particles inside the mouth and gives out lactic acid. If the plaque is not regularly cleared then the lactic acid decays the tooth enamel and the inflammation of the gum tissue happens. Researches say that different other diseases in the body can be prevented by taking care of good dental health.

Bad breath in the mouth can be prevented by having good dental hygiene. Prevention of cavities can be done by maintaining good dental hygiene. Due to consumption of tea, coffee and tobacco the teeth get stained which can be removed by the dentist and you can have a bright, white smile which will change your look and help to increase your self confidence.

Preventing tooth decay in children

The children should have the habit of washing their hands which not only prevents the dental decay but also helps the children to prevent other infections too. Washing the bacteria on the hand the contamination is also reduced. Help your children to brush their teeth twice daily preferably with fluoride toothpaste.

The fluoride in the toothpaste helps to remove the plaque formation on teeth. The tongue should be cleaned without any tooth paste. The plaque causes the decay of the tooth. If the child has the habit of flossing the teeth daily then it can help to prevent the deposition of plaque.

Flossing removes the plaque between the teeth and from the lower part of the gum line. A child can start flossing at the age of four. Proper rinsing of the mouth is very important after brushing and flossing the teeth. They should rinse for minimum of one minute.

Good food habits in the children

Parents should impose restrictions on the children regarding consumption of the food rich in starch or sugar. The sugary foods are mainly responsible for plaque formation. If an adult or a child want to have a sugary food it is better to have then along with the meal rather than having then separately as a snack. The saliva produced during the meal rinses the sugary food from the mouth.

Make a habit of giving low fat milk and other dairy products to your child so that the child gets calcium needed for the body and have proper growth of bones and teeth. The children should consume the drinking water which has fluoride. If such water is not available from the regular water supply then it is better to consult the pediatrician and the dentists regarding a solution.

Babies should not be fed while they are sleeping specially they should not sleep with a bottle of milk, juice or any other sweetened liquid. In case the babies have a habit of sleeping with a bottle give them a bottle full of water. Parents need to supervise their babies while brushing. The babies should follow the proper way and they must spit out the toothpaste. Make your child brush after you give medicines to them. If you want that your baby should have good dental hygiene as an adult take your child to the dentists regularly.

Certain bad habits need to be avoided

Do not use your teeth to open bottles or a packet of chips. Do not even tear a plastic tape or wires with your teeth. It can break the edge of a weekend teeth and you can suffer from a poor jaw alignment. Never chew ice which is leftover after having an ice-cold drink as the ice is very hard and cold cold and so it can fracture a teeth or a part of tooth enamel can be chipped off.

In several cases your tooth might need root canal treatment due to the damage caused by the ice. Avoid chewing of hard substances like pencils, pens and other things. Do not suck lemons as the citric acid in them can cause severe damage to your teeth. Stop nail biting and thumb sucking and maintain a good dental hygiene.

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