Importance Of Nutrition


Importance Of Nutrition


Everyone keeps talking about nutritious food without. Most people do not really understand why the body needs these nutrients. Healthy, nutritious food helps in the growth process. For this, the body needs proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals. Not only is it important to incorporate all these elements in the body, it is vital to have them all in adequate proportions. No functions of the body can be maintained without all of these nutrients.

Apart from maintaining body functions, nutrients keep the body free from disease.  An elaborate healing mechanism exists within the body, but it can only function optimally if it is supplied with all the essential nutritional factors.

There is no fixed proportion of nutrients that can be applicable to everyone. The proportions of nutrients required will vary depending on the nature of activity and kind of routine you follow. Sportsmen and more active individuals lose more salts during their activity and need to compensate them faster with more fluids and salts. They will also need more carbohydrate intake before undertaking any activity, so that energy levels may be sustained. This is also applicable about half an hour after they have finished. Proteins are also another important nutrient as this is what gives them the ability to create muscle and strengthens them.

For those who have more sedentary lifestyles, the intake of carbohydrates must be controlled. This will give them a tendency to gain weight faster. Instead, it can be compensated for by more fluid intake and also with foods containing more water, like fruits. Vitamins are more required for those who have continued exposure to computers and televisions.

Most importance must be given to the food children eat. They are most active and require a blend of all nutrients. Most parents are afraid to give their children sweets and chocolates, but the instant energy derived, especially while playing is very useful. Dental care, though, is what is more important. Do not deny your children these foods. Plenty of fluids are also a must. Keep them well hydrated with water, or try giving them a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, salt and water to keep them from losing minerals. This will keep them going through the day.

Importance Of Nutrition nutrition

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