Importance Of Vitamins For Skin & Different Types of Vitamins


Importance Of Vitamins For Skin & Different Types of Vitamins


You must have heard of the proverb ‘As you sow, so shall you reap, the same way you must have realized that what you give your body is exactly what your body will give you. Hence, you have to take care of your body giving it the right amount of nutrition. Besides, even this is true that what you give to your body only a part of it will be given to your skin.

Certain vitamins and minerals
are known to rejuvenate and heal your skin of certain ailments. Vitamins like vitamin A, C, D and E are specially known to treat dull and lifeless skin. Vitamins for skin are discussed below in brief.Importance Of Vitamins For Skin & Different Types of Vitamins

Vitamin A is essential for the maintenance and repair of the tissues of the skin. A deficiency of vitamin A in the body leads to dry and flaky skin. Wrinkles, Acne and psoriasis can be effectively reduced with the help of Vitamin A, which is found in a lot of fruits and vegetables. It is also available in a couple of topical creams.

Vitamin B complex/ Biotin are essential for the formation of skin, nail and hair cells. Its deficiency can lead to dermatitis i.e. scaly and itchy skin. It is found in oatmeal, rice and many other food stuffs. Its presence can give your skin a natural glow and hydrating the cells all along. Niacin (another vitamin B) helps in giving you a younger looking skin. It can also soothe dry and irritated skin. It is also known for its anti- inflammatory properties.

Vitamin C is extremely important, especially in treating wounds. It is also known to counter the harmful effects of the exposure of sun. It is found in a lot of citrus fruits and vegetables. It can also stimulate the production of collagen keeping your skin forever youthful. Vitamin E too can help prevent the skin from the harmful effects of the sun just like vitamin C. It also prevents wrinkles and keeps the skin smooth and young.

Most vitamins
are soluble in water and hence are easily eliminated from the body. However, some vitamins like vitamin A, D and E are fat soluble and as such they can be stored in the body. Hence, fat soluble vitamins should not be consumed in large quantities.


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