Insane Things Tom Cruise Has Actually Done For Scientology


Insane Things Tom Cruise Has Actually Done For Scientology


John Brousseau is yet another defected high-ranking Scientologist who spoke out about his direct dealings with Miscavige and Cruise. Brousseau was Miscavige's brother-in-law, so he supposedly had a front row seat to the exclusive treatment that Cruise enjoyed from the church. Speaking to the Village Voice about a Cruise and Miscavige family ski trip to Telluride, Colo., Brousseau said, "I made sure the servants knew what they were doing. They had to learn how to make things go right without being visible...I would show the staff that it's not your job to bump into Tom in the hallway. It's your job to make sure everything's right, but be invisible. Anticipate his every move. You had to be there with a salt shaker before he even realized he needed it." Servants. He used the word "servants." Wow.

Brousseau was also something of a craftsman, and over the years, he was tasked with many special projects pertaining to Cruise—projects that don't seem to have anything to do with spirituality. He claimed to have worked on the Honda Rune that Cruise and Holmes arrived in at the War of the Worlds (2005) premiere, as well as a custom Bluebird bus, Cruise's airplane hangar, a tricked-out Ford Excursion, and Cruise's home—and Brousseau has photos to prove it. Brousseau alleged that Cruise shelled out the cash for materials, but never a dime for labor, which was completed by church members. So, how much did the church compensate its laborers? "Only about $50 a week by the church, even though their hours could reach 100 a week," Brousseau said.

According to Forbes, Cruise made $53 million dollars in 2016 alone, and let's be honest, it wasn't his first year making that kind of scratch. And yet, if Brousseau's story is true, Cruise was okay with "servants" waiting on him hand and foot and facilitating his lavish lifestyle for a wage of roughly .50 cents per hour. That's not only crazy, it's downright criminal.

All that being said, Cruise has never acknowledged any of the aforementioned allegations and scandalous tales. For all we know, he could be a delightful Jerry Maguire-esque Scientologist who has simply become an easy target for a growing number of former church members, outsiders, and gossip hounds. Whatever the case, the actor undoubtedly remains the most famous and most embattled member of the institution.



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