Inside Kate Beckinsale's Weird Love Life


Inside Kate Beckinsale's Weird Love Life


Kate Beckinsale's home is full of Gen Zers, and we're not just talking about her 21-year-old daughter. Based on Beckinsale's Instagram account, it looks like Lily Mo partly lives at home with her mom — at least when she's not at college. How else would Becksinale be working her way through sniffing all the socks in Lily's sock drawer?

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Beckinsale added a second 20-something to her household. Though she'd only been dating Goody Grace since January, People reports that she had already moved the rocker into her home for quarantine during COVID-19. "Kate enjoys his company," a source told the tabloid. "She finds him very mature, smart and creative. He entertains her with music, they cook and watch movies. She thinks he is the perfect quarantine boyfriend." At the time of this writing, Beckinsale hasn't been bothered by the age gap yet. As an insider said, "It's just a number."

It's unclear if Lily Mo is quarantining with the new couple or hanging with her dad Michael Sheen, but we're willing to bet that Beckinsale could school the two college-aged kids at beer pong. Do you think they taught her how to use TikTok? Quarantine gets boring, okay?



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