Krabi Travel Guide

Krabi Travel Guide


Krabi is one of the most popular tourist spots of Thailand and the stunning beaches of Phi Phi islands comes to our mind as soon as we start visualizing the place. This is a perfect place for relaxation and there will be lots of opportunities to start clicking. It has its own airport which is far less crowded than the nearby Phuket airport.

The airport is not very well developed but you will not remember these shortcomings as begin to stay here. The people of Krabi are very down-to-earth and the hospitality that you will receive here will be etched in your mind for years to come.

The main reason why Krabi is extremely popular is that all the attractions found in Krabi are 100% natural. The limestone crags and the unique coastal area are found only in Krabi. We suggest that you book a daytrip to the world famous archipelago, Phi Phi. The Pha Nga Bay is really beautiful and you can click some real good pictures here. The other interesting places here are the Tiger Temple and Than Bokkarani Park. .At the end of the day, you can opt for a beach massage at the Kohl Lanta resort.

Getting Here

Krabi is well connected with major cities of the country by a good road and air network. There are regular bus and boat services from Phuket too. There are hourly bus services to Bangkok and Surat Thani. There is a small airport which offers limited service and one can also avail of the ferry services to and from Phuket and Ko Phi Phi.

The airport at Krabi is relatively small and receives only direct flights from Bangkok, KL, Samui and Singapore. Some tourists prefer the Phuket International Airport which is just a 90min drive away. Since the services of most of the airlines change with the season, it is advisable to check with the respective airlines regarding their flight timings.

The ferries play an important role in Krabi transportation system. The town of Krabi is connected with the Phi Phi and Lanta Islands through this ever reliable and safe ferry system. Before you start your journey for Phi Phi, speak with your travel agents regarding the best time to go. Travel in Thailand usually takes a little bit of extra time so make good enquiries before undertaking any trip.


The hospitality of Krabi is world famous with lots of five-star resorts, bungalow guesthouses, fresh seafood and spas. The hotels in Krabi town are mostly concentrated in Ao Nang and there are some expensive options on Railay Beach. The Phi Phi islands have not yet fully recovered from Tsunami but it is still worth a visit.

Instead you can visit the resorts of Lanta Island which has a range of restaurants and beach bars. The nightlife in Ao Nang is quite popular and you can even go for a traditional Thai massage. Shopping is, however, restricted to souvenirs and clothing only. The people of Krabi town are very warm and welcoming and there are many who actually like Krabi better than Phuket.

What to Do

Krabi is home to a number of beautiful natural attractions. The destination is ideal for people who have a love for outdoor sports. The beautiful landscape will beckon you for a number of sporting activities like rock climbing, trekking and kayaking. The rich marine life of the Andaman Sea will be tempting for anyone interested in snorkeling.

The beaches of Krabi Island are world famous and the Hong Island beach has been voted as one of the cleanest beaches of the country. The beaches have a good infrastructure and are ideal for tourism. You can also visit the Krabi countryside and go through Flyer – the free monthly magazine on Krabi tourism. The place has many travel agents and you can just any of them regarding any tour.

What to See

The many guidebooks on Thailand will ask you to go to Phi Phi islands as the journey and the views have been regarded as awesome by many. But I believe that you will enjoy a lot more in Krabi. The island is blessed with fantastic scenery and lots of hot springs, waterfalls, cliffs and world class beaches.

Ao Nang acts as an excellent base for local sightseeing. There are many hotels here and a decent nightlife. The peninsula of Railay should excite the photograph takers and you can opt for a daytrip to the islands of Koh Hong and/or Koh Poda. Krabi is perfect for all kinds of travelers and should suit each budget. The range of accommodation includes backpacker hostels to five star luxury hotels. Though guide books will claim that there are plenty of budget options available in Krabi, the reality is that the hotels in Railay Beach is slowly becoming more luxurious and as a result they are moving out of the reach of the budget travelers. Krabi and Phi Phi become terribly crowded during the Christmas and New Year. There are some good, budget-friendly hotels in Krabi town that overlooks the river. The market in the center of the town is very popular with the weekend visitors. Many travelers, as stated earlier, like Krabi more when compared to Phuket as the former is more relaxed and beautiful.

Travel Info

The best time to visit Krabi is in January or February. The weather during these two months is almost perfect with only a marginal chance of rain. This is also the peak season so finding accommodation will be a tad difficult unless you book the rooms well in advance. Many, however, visit Krabi during the rainy season as it is less crowded and more ‘peaceful’.

Krabi Travel Guide

The good news for tourists is that Krabi has a much lower crime rate than both Phuket and Bangkok. There are instances of pickpocket but even that is on a downward scale. You must maintain beach safety while you are in Krabi. The sea is not safe for swimming between May and October as it becomes very rough. When you check-out from hotels or dine in, make sure to pay in cash as Thailand is notorious for credit card frauds.

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