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Many of us have heard the famous saying-“Laughter is the best medicine” but very few of us bring laughter and humor in our lives. Along with spreading joy and happiness everywhere, laughter has a therapeutic effect as it helps in dispelling the shadows of diseases from our happy lives. It is a priceless and an invaluable medicine which helps in strengthening one’s immune system and keeps one’s body and mind in a healthy condition.

It has been officially announced that a good hearty laugh can help reduce problems associated with stress, high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis and ulcers. It relaxes the body and helps in improving the functioning of one’s brain, heart and immune system. A good joke or humor and a joy-filled laughter help in decreasing the stress hormones from one’s body and in turn lead to an increase in infection fighting antibodies thus increasing one’s overall health.

For a healthy heart, you require a heart laugh. Laughter is the best medicine to keep one’s heart healthy and happy as it has been found that laughter improves circulation and improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Laugh is like an exercise for the healthy functioning of the heart and it is often compared with the concept of an “internal jogging”. Laughter provides a good workout for one’s abdominal, respiratory and facial muscles which in turn leads to an optimum functioning of the entire body.
Along with providing physical benefits, a good laughter also promotes emotional and psychological health as a happy and a stress-free person is more lively, jovial and socializing than his counterpart. The best way of reducing anxiety and tension is by laughing it out. Thus, laugh out and over all your problems and lead a happy and a healthy life. Since Laughter is contagious, one should make it a point to laugh and spread happiness and health throughout the world. health

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