Leather Jacket Care

Leather Jacket Care

Leather Jacket Care - Tips to Take Care of Leather Jacket - Care for Leather Jacket - Leather Jacket Range | Tips on - Find TipsLeather jackets are always in fashion. They are available in wide range, from sports jackets to official jackets. Leather jackets with fur inside are trendy.
No doubt leather jacket gives a stylish look. These costly jackets need a lot of care. Proper care will make your leather jacket look good for years. Follow the tips given here to make your leather jacket look good, feel good and smell good.
Tips to take care of leather jacket:

1) If your leather jacket gets wet, let it dry naturally. Don’t expose it to heat to dry.

2) To avoid water spots and stains, apply water and stain protector to your leather jacket.

3) To remove salt deposits, sponge the leather jacket with water.

4) Never use household chemicals to clean the jacket.

5) To maintain the shape, hang the leather jacket on a wide hanger.

6) Dry your jacket completely when it gets wet. Apply a thin coat of leather moisturizer or leather conditioner on it.

7) Spray colorless and odorless protective aerosol before wearing the jacket.

8) Leather jacket needs regular care in dry environment. Or else it will dry out and cracks will appear.

9) If something spills on your leather jacket, brush it off gently. Then, sponge it with warm water and use a mild soap to clean it. Let it dry.

10) Never use animal fats on leather.

11) Never store leather jacket in damp place. Mildew may occur.

12) Never fold your leather jacket while storing it.

13) Never store your leather jacket in a plastic bag.

14) Leather jacket needs proper ventilation. If you keep your leather jacket in a garment bag, keep its zipper open.

15) Don’t use waxes on leather jackets.

16) Don’t use much oil as it may clog pores and won’t let the air in.

17) Avoid using the cleansers containing alcohol, mineral spirits, etc.

18) Get your leather jacket cleaned by a professional cleaner in regular intervals.

The above mentioned tips are easy to follow and economical as well. These tips require a bit of your time and attention, nothing else.

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