Living expenses


Living expenses


Living expenses - Rich life - need money - need some money - common sense - Romantic gifts - expensive gifts » How to handle money temptationsCertainly it won’t be impossible to create a life plan that did not involve money. We all need money for covering our daily living expenses and to lead a comfortable rich life. But most of the people manage their finances month by month, trying to keep on top of the bills and save for the future.

Undoubtedly our ambitions need money to get achieved. There are many costly temptations placed in front of all of us. But the answer is to balance common sense with are the list of some money temptations and ways to handle them.

Addiction is undoubtedly a bad word for any age group.certainly drinking, drugs and tobacco are well-known expensive habits, but did you ever thought about those lattes and cappuccinos! Over addiction to them are bad too. Even they cost too much.

If you are going through a sticky patch in your relationship with your partner or experiencing all new relationship, then it really make sense to invest in expensive romantic gifts and experiences for your beloved. But if your hand is tight, why not try going for Dutch. Believe me, sharing won’t affect your relationship if it’s a meaningful one. Always remember that it’s you they are interested in, and not what all you buy for them.

Undoubtedly socializing is an expensive affair, but who wants to sit at home alone every evening. A night out with friends costs money, but do you want to be called as the party popper. So introduce some ‘low cost’ fun evenings to your social network.

We all want to keep up with our neighbors, family and colleagues at work. Once one buys a new gadget, we all want one. But make sure you do not indulge into same habit. Why not share it with them and save your money. family

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