Loire Valley Travel Guide & Attractions


Loire Valley Travel Guide & Attractions


Loire Valley, famous for its wine and food has some beautiful architectural marvels. Chateau de Chambard is one such palace, it is known for its distinctive French architecture. It is is one of the places which you can select when you want to move on a day trip from Paris.

The palaces are located in the Loire Valley which is situated southwest of Paris. The Valley is famous for its wine and food. There are a number of lovely buildings in this Valley.

The palace of Chateau de Chambard is the largest palace located in the valley. This palace is really huge; there are 440 rooms in this palace. There are 365 chimneys as well in this palace. Started by King Frances I, It came to its completion only in the reign of Louis XIV.

You can see a number of things here and above all, do not miss the roof terraces. The roof terraces give a good view of the palace grounds as well as the forest of chimneys. Out of the 440 rooms in the palace only 80 are opened to the public.

Château de Cheverny is another palace which is very beautiful. It was built in 1634 and its occupants are still the descendents of its builders, the Huraukt family. The trophy room of this palace has 60 dogs which are fed daily in the evening. There are 2000 pairs of deer antlers as well in this palace.

Other places to see in the Loire Valley are the Chateau de Chenonceau. It is known to be one of the most romantic chateau in France.

There are adequate transportation facility available to visit the place. There are very good transportation in the Loire valley. The facility is available in and out of the Loire valley.

Loire Valley Travel Guide & Attractions

All these palaces can be reached by train as well. There is good frequency of trails to this valley. It just takes around one hour to reach the place. You can also cycle your way to the Loire valley. The most comfortable way to travel is by car to the valley.

Visit the Loire Valley, You will definitely enjoy it.

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