Facial Expressions For Communication

Facial Expressions For Communication

Facial Expressions For Communication - Nonverbal Communication - Body Language And Facial Expressions » Facial Expressions For CommunicationLanguage is what we use to express ourselves with. However, body language also helps in expressing one’s thoughts. Body language shows the atmosphere between two people. If you have positive body language, then it shows you as a well being, while negative body language shows the opposite.

There are two types of conversation: verbal and non-verbal. Verbal conversation takes 35% of the place in human conversation, while the remaining 65% is taken by the non-verbal one. Sometimes the non-verbal conversation takes the whole lot of 90% of conversation. A person meets several people in a day and communicates with them non-verbally, like nodding, smiling, grinning, etc, for examples.

Some people, with the use of facial expressions, display affection, either intentionally or unintentionally. Mimics, gestures, facial expressions, body movements, are all part of non-verbal conversation. The different positioning of the head conveys several messages. For instance, when the head is pushed forward, it shows a threatening attitude. When you lower down your head, it showcases submission or respect. When one raises his head and unveils his neck, he wants to convey he is not afraid. Arrogance is displayed when the head is raised in a stiff position.

The position of the head also conveys many things to the next person. Like, when the head is bowed slightly down, then it indicates interest in the other person. If the head is nodded, then it expresses acceptance, approval and consent. All these expressions are very important in cases of business negotiation, as one has to pay attention to the other’s facial expression.

One can communicate through facial expressions, like frowning, raising the eyebrow, lip moving, etc. A frowned forehead indicates anger. A raised eyebrow indicates a state of surprise. Tight lips showcase hesitation, insecurity, keeping a secret.

A forehead represents spiritual powers associated character traits. Shape of the forehead varies from person to person. The vertical wrinkles on the forehead are due to the strong lights of if you are focusing on a point. They are because of physical efforts. The horizontal lines appear when the eyes are wide open, when is trying to focus on some information and can’t understand it. Facial expressions also indicate that a person is tired.

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