Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes


Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes


Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes - Stylish Look - Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes - Blue Eyes Makeup - Best Makeup For Blue Eyes » Makeup Tips for Blue EyesIt is always a privilege to have blue and catty eyes which can be further enhanced through proper makeup. It is rightly said that eyes are the gateways through which a person’s character can be judged as they are the most expressive part of one’s body. In addition, pretty eyes are the biggest beauty quotient which a person can possess and it is always worthwhile to flaunt one’s beauty through its further beautification. To add beauty to one’s blue eyes, one needs to follow certain makeup tips which are designed specifically for your eyes.

Women should always choose those colors of eye shadows which are complementary to their eyes color. Sea blue eyes have the capability to attract everyone’s attention even without any makeup. However, if you want to enhance your beauty for those killing looks, a blue-eyed person should go in for colors like icy pink, silver, gold and violet along with extending one’s choice to colors like taupe, purples and lavender. If you want to make your eyes stand out with a bold look, then one can also use a bright blue colored eye shadow.

One should take great interest in applying the eye makeup as different lines, curves and shadows can help you attain a completely new and a happening look. To do an effective eye makeup at home, one should first apply a base coat of an eye shadow cream which is usually white. Then one can pick any desired color in a powdered eye-shadow which has three different shades: dark, medium and light. First, one should use the dark shade and brush it into the crease of the eyelid. This should be followed by a medium shade and finally by the light shade to attain a blend which enhances and beautifies your eyes. After that, one should use an eye pencil to draw a line above the upper eyelashes and also below it. Choose your color according to your mood and let your catty blue eyes complement your catty and stylish look. fashion

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