Medical tests for women


Medical tests for women


Medical tests for women - Cervical smear - Breast mammogram - Breast cancer problem - Std test » List of medical tests a woman must go-just read them outWe all hate going for medical tests. But believe me, that some tests are not that difficult and can go a long way in ensuring your good health. They can help you in staying alert plus in nipping the problem in the bud itself. Being a woman, it becomes all more important for you to go for these tests. Some of tests which a woman must go through are written below-have a look!

Pap smear
It is a quick, simple and east test. It is also known as Pap test, cervical smear or smear test. This test helps in detecting the cervical cancer by testing a swab of ceils from your cervix. You should get this test done every year within three years of onset of sexual activity or age 21, whichever comes first!

A mammogram aids in the early detection of breast diseases in women. It is extremely accurate and an X-ray photograph of the breast. You will be glad to read that mammogram lowers the risk of women dying from the breast cancer problem by 25-35 percent. Isn’t that great news? So, all those women who have a history of breast cancer should get the test done after the age of 35 every alternate year. Otherwise, you must go in for the test every alternate year after the age of 40.

STD test
All those women who have multiple sex partners should make sure that they get STD test done. This test will ensure that there are no chances of sexually transmitted disease in them and to lead a healthy sex life with their partner. This test examines the vaginal culture of woman. If you experience any abnormal vaginal discharge, consult your doctor ASAP. health

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