Memory Enhancing Techniques


Memory Enhancing Techniques


Memory Enhancing Techniques - Memory Improvement Techniques - How to Improve Memory - Technique to Enhance Learning » Some memory enhancing techniques for you-read outUndoubtedly exam time is around the corner and students are under lot of stress to achieve good marks in their examinations. But don’t get panic with examination fear. Here are some wonderful techniques that can help in enhancing your memory power.

Have you ever thought about ridiculous thinking? We all know that when we come across things that are different unusual, unique, exclusive, distinctive and exceptional, we tend to remember them more than other things which are common. This is known as the law of ridicule thinking. So try to add distinctive features to your texts.

Always keep in mind that adequate sleep is very essential for proper concentration. When you sleep, your brain attempts to reorganize the information assimilated through the day. Also, the brain always remembers the first and last things stored in it, in an effective manner. So try to keep an hour before going to sleep for revision and the first hour of the morning for a new topic.

It has been proved that “forgetting cycle” starts after every 50 minutes of study, so incorporate a spaced learning technique. If you wish to study at a stretch without getting exhausted, take a break of 10 minutes after every 50 minutes. This will recharge you and help you study for longer hours.

Try to convert whatever you read into a picture and visualize it. This is because retention through the visual medium is 20 times stronger than that through the audio medium. You can use this method when preparing for your history exam.

If you spend 15 minutes learning a topic, spend another five minutes repeating the same material. Not only does this help save a lot of revision time, it also improves your retention capacity for that particular topic. health

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