How the Pros Use Vehicles in 'Call of Duty: Warzone'

How the Pros Use Vehicles in 'Call of Duty: Warzone'

The Call Of Duty Warzone Weekend saw many great plays by the pros. When it comes to learning strategies, nothing can be better than watching pro lobbies. Verdansk is not an easy place to fight. Apart from the usual strategies like good drops and quick loots, what else can a player do to win?

If we analyze pro gameplay we come across quite a few methods that give teams a unique advantage. In this article, we will be discussing something that pros often do.

Ever thought about how you can use a vehicle to your advantage? Call of Duty League recently released a video discussing the Minnesota Rokkr strategy in Verdansk.

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Using Vehicles in Call Of Duty Warzone

There are a number of vehicles in Verdansk. There’s the truck, SUV, or Quad bikes on the ground. For the skies, we have the Chopper. Airstrikes, Recon-drones, and other air support can also be considered vehicles except that don’t carry a player per se. Let us see how we can use all of these to our advantage:

  • Rotation: Verdansk is a huge map. You simply cannot run around on foot for the duration of the match. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the zone or outside it. You need vehicles to time your rotations. Unless, of course, your strategy is to camp. Even for that, you need a vehicle as the zone shifts around. Choose the vehicle you are most comfortable in and understand the perks that come with each. Trucks are the slowest. Choppers are probably the best but remember there’s always going to be a rush to steal it. Furthermore, choppers are prone to damage so it can be a straight journey from the air to the Gulag.

  • Getting Most Wanted Contracts: To survive in Warzone you need money. There’s no two ways about it. The monetary advantage helps you a lot. Firstly, you can get the loadout drops and self-revives. Secondly, you can buy back your dead teammates. Lastly, you can buy UAVs and heartbeat sensors, which are of extreme importance if you’re rushing. UAVs help you out the most in tight open zones. The team with the most money has a high chance of winning. So it is important to grab those Most Wanted contracts around the map for which you need a vehicle.

  • Using the Vehicle as a Weapon: These are advanced strategies but useful ones. The chopper’s blade can cut through enemies. But it also means you’ve to bring it really close to them. The truck can absolutely demolish enemy ranks if you plow them over. It also has a high damage intake capacity, meaning you can take some shooting before it bursts. In quad bikes, the players can shoot as the driver manoeuvers expertly around the buildings where other teams are hiding.

  • Use the Recon-Drone: Find the drone on the map and if you get your hands on it, try to use it to its maximum potential. Fix a C4 on the drone and fly it to an enemy vehicle or building where you can see multiple players. Then just pop the C4. Easy squad wipes.

Season 5 brought in a new vehicle, the Freight Train, running in the Southeastern part of the map. Use that train to gain a positional advantage. Remember not to be mowed down by the train though.

That is all we have for you for the time being. Keep watching this space for more guides. Until then, happy hunting!


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How the Pros Use Vehicles in