Mount Fuji Travel Guide & Climbing Guide for Mount Fuji

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Mount Fuji Travel Guide & Climbing Guide for Mount Fuji


Being the highest peak of Japan, Mount Fuji has been a popular destination for the adventure lover travelers from all over the world. For the local people, it has been the most legendary pilgrimage of the country.

Hiking to the top of this mountain is quite exhausting and to some extent difficult for the beginners, but still many people including local and foreigner do this to enjoy an experience of lifetime.

There are several hiking trails to climb at the top of this mountain. If you are visiting from Tokyo, then you should take the Kawaguchiko-Yoshida Guichi trail for your convenience. This trail is motorable till the fifth station, which is actually at a height of 7560 ft from the sea level. After this point you have to trek along the trail.

On your way, you will come across several stations at increased heights. All stations are equipped with mountain huts, so that you can take rest or spend a night. Usually, the trekkers take a night break once they reach to the 7th or 8th station. They resume their journey in the early morning next day to reach the summit before the sun rises.

The view of sunrise from the top of the mountain is completely beyond description. There are expert climbers, who consistently climb up through-out the night, after beginning their journey from the 5th station in late evening.

If you can catch a glimpse of the sunrise from the mountain peak then you are among the luckiest. Even otherwise, you can enjoy spectacular view of the surrounding valley, when you have a clear sky. There is a temple, known as Kuzushi-jinja Shrine on the summit point.

If you want to keep a memento of your Mount Fuji expedition, then you can collect it from this temple. There is also a crater on the top as Mount Fuji is basically a volcano. You can take a guided tour to walk across the crater rim. However, if the weather is too bad or there is snow, then this tour is not permitted.

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Usually the trekking to Mount Fuji is done during the month of July and August. During the other months of the year, the weather remains too cold or snowing, making the climb too treacherous. Even during the summer months, the summit of the mountain remains quite cold, so you must carry warm clothing for your comfort.

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