Movies Every Die Hard 'Matrix' Fan Should Watch Next

Movies Every Die Hard 'Matrix' Fan Should Watch Next


The Matrix may not be your typical superhero film, but in many ways, it feels formed out of the same mold as more traditional superhero fare: its protagonist starts the film more or less a normal guy, stumbles into a world of idealistic heroes fighting against a formidable evil, gets powers, goes toe to toe with an unbeatable supervillain, and emerges galvanized by his trials as a revered symbol of freedom and hope. He even flies and starts going by a cool new code name. Let's face it; he may not wear tights or a cape, but Neo is indisputably a superhero.

If you loved Neo's (super)hero's journey in The Matrix, then you may enjoy Code 8, starring real-life cousins Robbie and Stephen Amell (who have both also played superheroes on the CW shows The Flash and Arrow), alongside Fast and Furious franchise fan favorite Sung Kang. The story of Code 8 takes place in a world in which people with superhuman abilities, known as "Powers," live in poverty and struggle to meet their basic needs. Robbie Amell stars as Connor Reed, a man with electrokinetic powers forced into a life of crime in order so that he can afford medical treatment for his dying mother, while Stephen Amell plays the Power who oversees his criminal activity. Plot-wise, Code 8 isn't incredibly close to The Matrix, but if you enjoyed The Matrix's non-traditional take on superpowers, you'll likely enjoy Code 8 as well.

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