My 600-Lb Life Stars Who Sadly Died


My 600-Lb Life Stars Who Sadly Died


Henry Foots appeared on Season 1 of My 600-lb Life. At the beginning of his episode, he weighed 715 pounds. By the end of his seven-year journey, he weighed 275 pounds for a total weight loss of 440 pounds. The jovial man is one of Dr. Now's biggest success stories, but the rest of his story is tragic.

Foots had personal setbacks as he tried to lose weight on the show, like the death of his father and losing his job after he put so much effort into rejoining the workforce. Additionally, Foots' heart stopped amid one of his excess skin removal surgeries, and he had to be resuscitated. "I saw a white light," the TV star revealed during his episode (via Starcasm). "It was just like having an out-of-body experience. There was the light to take me to Heaven, [but] I wasn't ready for it." Noting that he had more to do, like marry his longtime girlfriend, the duo wed at the end of the episode.

After filming, however, Foots sadly faced more hardship. In November 2012, he suffered a "medical episode" while driving a commercial bus, and lost control of the vehicle at an intersection, killing a pedestrian, according to Foots died less than a year later on May 16, 2013, at age 54. His obituary stated that he "went home to be with the Lord." While Foots' cause of death is unknown, The Cinemaholic reports that it was unrelated to the accident or his weight.



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