Nigeria Travel Guide

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Nigeria Travel Guide


Republic Nigeria 32nd largest western African country is adjacent to the Gulf of Guinea and bordered by Chad, Benin, Niger, and Cameroun. The nation is made up of Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo, Fulani, and Arabs. There are some 200 tribal groups using almost 250 languages and dialects.

It is highly centralized country with black population. Islam and Christianity are the religion followed. Ibadan, Ogbomosho, is the bigger cities. Chief River is Nile and Benue.

Highest elevation is Dimlang at 2042 m in the Adamawa Mountains.  Its coastline measures 853 km. Lagos is the old capital. It is a busy commercial place with equally busy port.

For sightseeing there are museums and many beaches in the vicinity.  Badagry here is associated with slave trade of the 1500s. Kamp Lkare is one such beach for fun and frolic.

The new capital is Abuja, since 1991. At Abuja all infrastructures is modern and National Mosque and Zuma Rock is centre of attraction here.

Climate is tropical with high rainfall in south; drier in the interior towards north, with hot, dry winds.

The coastal region of this large African country is low-lying. Its most distinct physio graphical feature is the vast delta of the River Niger, which covers some 24,000 square kilometres. The central area is a plateau rising into mountain ranges fringing the northern and eastern frontiers. The low lying regions are densely forested; the plateau and the foothills are grassy savannas.

The coast is very attractive and clean with continuous beaches, lagoons, mangrove and creeks. On the whole, the country is very appealing because of historical structures nature and the people of the land.

Nigeria Travel Guide

Tourists land at Abuja or Lagos and then leave for the destination of visit. Excursions are organized for jungle resorts like game reserve at Okwangwo, boshi Game Reserve, etc, water bodies, mountains and so on. Each excursion is theme based.

Agbokin falls and Kwa Falls are prime locations for the crowd to gather and enjoy the water.  The land is dotted with forts and historical monuments highlighting the characteristic of the nation’s past. Kano is 1000 years old with mud walled houses.

Each year durbar Festival is held here. The country produces beautiful local crafts which are taken as souvenir by the tourists. The country cannot be seen in totality in a single trip.


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