Ninja and Shroud Landed an Insane Payday From the Death of Mixer

Ninja and Shroud Landed an Insane Payday From the Death of Mixer


Microsoft recently announced that it will be shutting down its streaming platform Mixer and will be partnering with Facebook Gaming. Mixer has been trying to make the transition to Facebook Gaming really smooth for its partner streamers by honoring most monetary contracts. Mixer had some big streamers associated with it with Ninja and Shroud being the biggest names on the platform. Naturally, there is a widespread curiosity regarding the future of these two stars.

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British eSports journalist Richard Lewis recently posted a tweet about the Ninja and Shroud situation. Sources have confirmed that Facebook Gaming had approached both these streamers to make the switch.

This “full-payment” Lewis talks about is an enormous amount.

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Ninja and Shroud have opted out of Facebook Gaming partnership

Esports consultant and insider Rod Breslau had posted a tweet about the exact amount Ninja and Shroud took home from Mixer and this is how fans are responding to the move.

They have reportedly taken home $30M and $10M respectively after closing the deal with Mixer.  Now, let us consider this: they had not even completed a full year on Mixer. Moreover, they are free to talk partnership deals with other platforms as of now. In that case, their biggest options right now are going back to Twitch or switching to Youtube. In either case, it is a win-win situation for both of them.

Ninja tweeted this after Microsoft announced the shutting down of Mixer.

This was Shroud’s tweet following the announcement.