One-Hit Wonders You Didn't Realize Were Dead

One-Hit Wonders You Didn't Realize Were Dead


As a solo singer, Dan Hartman actually made the Billboard Top 100 Chart multiple times, though his most well-known jam, "I Can Dream About You," was his only song to crack the top ten. That was in 1984, and the video for Hartman's hit single was so '80s that it featured both men and women wearing blazers with the sleeves rolled up. Ten years later, he died from a brain tumor, which was a complication from AIDS.

According to an interview with The Associated Press (via the Mojave Daily Miner,) Hartman may be dismissed by some as a one-hit wonder, but he was actually an accomplished producer and songwriter who penned hits for James Brown, Tina Turner, and Joe Cocker and wrote songs for movies such as Rocky IV, Bull Durham, and Oliver and Company

That said, Hartman clearly craved the spotlight. "I got tired of cranking out pop songs that end up over the credits at the end," he told the AP. So, let's remember the man as he would have wanted — as the curly-mulleted bartender who becomes a rock star thanks to a magical jukebox from Tron. Seriously, watch that video up there. It's insane.

One-Hit Wonders You Didn



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