Orlando Travel Guide

Orlando Travel Guide


If you are planning to visit USA, then the state of Florida is something that you just can’t miss. As one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing cities in the state of Florida, Orlando calls for millions and millions of tourists every year. There is countless number of attractions that Orlando has for its visitors.

It is next to impossible to visit all the places in this city; however it is not that difficult to get the best out of the rest. Along with the ‘must see’ places within the city, there are quite a number of tourist getaways surrounding the place as well that should definitely be considered.

From theme parks to exotic wildlife, Orlando is one of the ideal holiday destinations whether you are traveling in couple or with your entire family. Along with this you can also manage your time and visit the attractive beaches and sightseeing places in Orlando. For a memory that you can cherish forever, it is imperative to list down your priorities well. You will definitely need a simple travel guide for this purpose. Here is the ultimate travel itinerary that will make your Orlando visit worthwhile and a lifetime experience-

Top Major Attractions in Orlando

Walt Disney World

This is one place that makes what Orlando is. People from around the globe come over to Orlando to visit this exotic amusement park made out of four theme parks and two water parks. It is simply impossible to visit the entire place in a single day. However, you can check out the most demanded entertainment options that are available here. When it Orlando, at least one day should be spent at Walt Disney World with famous characters like the Mickey Mouse.

You can also plan a stay at one of the various resorts available here if you don’t have a defined budget to follow. Make the most out of the various rides and limitless entertainment activities only at Walt Disney. You will need a ticket for entry but every penny will be worth it.

Universal Studios

Not only can you get a chance to see one of the best film and television studios all around the world but also have a dual benefit of having fun at the Universal Studios theme park.

Along with extraordinary attractions you have loads of rides to try out. The entire place is divided into six major areas and is something that deserves to be in the top most tourist attractions guide in Orlando.

Cypress Gardens

If you are a nature’s lover, then nothing can beat the experience that you can have at Cypress Gardens, Orlando. With a beautiful and rare view of the flora and fauna, the place has a lot of other activities for the benefit of their tourists.

Various exhibits on ice skating and water skiing is also available here at Cypress Gardens. Along with plants you can also capture some unique species here. This is one of the most advisable destinations for visitors of Florida.

Wet ‘n’ Wild

A famous water park, Wet and Wild is not only a favorite among the tourists but also among the locals.

You will always find a hustle bustle environment here at Wet and Wild. Make out the most of the exclusive rides and water activities that they have here!

Ripley’s Believe it or Not

This is one destination that needs no introduction. Weirdness and wackiness is something that defines the entire place. You can get your eyes on various exhibits and artifacts here at Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Some rare views at the place include artifacts of mummies and extinct dinosaurs.

Some galleries also provide the perfect example of illusions. Don’t forget to miss out the Rolls Royce artifact made out of match sticks! Your children will definitely love it here at Ripley’s Believe it or not making your trip a successful one. New attractions are also added to the place from time to time.

Sea World

Loves animals? Have a craze for marine life? If yes then don’t you miss out Sea World when in Orlando! You can get the best live shows by dolphins and seals here at the Sea World.

A golden opportunity to tame sharks is another star attraction here at Sea World. Whale shows are also held here at the park for the fun of the tourists. They even give your children a chance to feed the dolphins and spend some good time with them!

Kennedy Space Center

As the name suggests, Kennedy Space Center is the place where you can get a knack of the life and environment in space. If you are someone who has an enthusiasm for technology and new discoveries, then Kennedy Space Center is the perfect getaway in Orlando.

The live shows held here everyday is something that you will really enjoy. Massive rocket exhibits are another thing that will catch your eye at this Center. A walking tour will also help the tourists to know a lot of the place as well as about space. Buy a ticket to enjoy the expertise of various researchers and professionals.


Alligators and alligators! The place Gatorland is all about alligators. The preserve has loads of alligators and crocodiles exhibited for the sake of the tourists.

Orlando Travel Guide

Along with a walking tour, they have gift shops where you can buy souvenirs of this place as well as a peaceful train ride of the entire theme park. A tower in the park helps you get a good view of the wildlife present here.

Pampering yourself

Though there are many ways you can pamper yourself in the city of Orlando, two of the most attractive activities that you can follow is shopping and spa. Indulge your senses in both these activities to get the most out of your holiday. Golf courses are also available along with beaches if you are looking for spending some time with yourself.

For dine in, there are loads of options, but one that should definitely be added to the travel guide is the Arabian Nights that offer various fairy tale shows along with fine cuisines.

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