Pedicure Infections


Pedicure Infections


Pedicure Infections - Toe infection from a Pedicure - Pedicure and Foot Care -How To Get The Perfect Pedicure » Pedicure InfectionsPampering your feet with a pedicure is a desire of all women. After all, who doesn’t want to possess smooth, soft, clean, and beautiful feet? However, the relaxing and soothing feeling associated with a pedicure can get hampered by infections and allergies that can accompany an unhygienic pedicure which does not follow the necessary disinfection guidelines.

It is thus necessary to pay attention to the hygiene conditions when getting a pedicure done.

Let’s look at the various kinds of pedicure infections, their causes and ways by which they can be prevented. Pedicure involves soaking of feet in a tub of water.

If the tub or the water in the tub is unclean and unhygienic, then it can put you at a risk for pedicure infections, the most common being Mycobacterium Fortuitum Infection. This is because water, if not disinfected, can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria.

Most of us shave our legs and then go for a pedicure. This however is risky as the day when you shave your legs, your skin’s pores become open and enlarged and thus become vulnerable to bacterial infection.

It is thus advised that you get a pedicure done first and then shave your legs for possessing naturally healthy and beautiful legs. You should also avoid deep filing of your toe nails.

If you are getting a pedicure done from a parlor, you must check the overall hygienic conditions of the parlor. You should also ensure that the pedicure instruments are properly disinfected.

The salon or the parlor you visit must sterilize metal equipments before each appointment. If required, you can carry your own instruments.

Do not hesitate in asking basic questions concerning the hygiene and cleanliness of the environment, footbath, and pedicure instruments as this simple investigation can help in saving you from serious pedicure infections. health

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