Places to visit in Comoros

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Places to visit in Comoros


Comoros Republic Islands or Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros lies between Madagascar and the African mainland; these have volcanic tendencies and the terrain is with hills and elevations.

The group of islands includes
Grand Comore or Ngazidja, Mayotte, Anjouan, Moheli, M’Zaborou and Pamanzi. The harbour facility is lacking. Indian Ocean touches its coastline.

The native population comprises of Arabs, Malagasy, and Africans. Religion followed is Islamic. Official language is French and Swahili. Mutsamudu and Dzaoudzi are the major religions. Mayotte still maintains French affiliation, but the remaining of the islands became independent in 1975.

Southwesterly Moroni, the capital city is a port city as well. It is known for beautiful mosques. The layout of the city is a blend of the old and the modern architecture. Tourists take hiking trip to Mount Karthala and enter the active volcanic crater. There is camping facility available and the excursion is an exciting one.

Village Itsandra
is a beach resort and there are local musical events every evening here. Other place to visit is the remains of the fort and the royal tombs. Village Iconi Mitsamiouli is very popular for diving and local dance troupes. Lac Sale, the hot sulphur spring is also close by. Highest elevation is Kartala at the height of 2,560m.

Climate is hot and wet, beginning in November and lasting until April. The remaining period is arid, but cool. The nation enjoys extremely favourable climatic conditions for farming. More than half of the land is cultivated. Other major occupation is fishing.

The nation is globally known to produce 65% of perfume essence; the spices of very good quality are produced here. Tourists shopping list includes spices as one of the item. There are beautiful water bodies, which offer all types of water adventure. Kave Hoani, bouni Beach, and Chindini Beach are the most magnificent and favourite with tourists. Niumashuwa is visited for giant turtles.
Places to visit in Comoros

Miringoni waterfall, Sulu waterfall and those at Nzwani are popular destinations. Coral reef and natural clean beaches, at Mayotte take many tourists to the island for relaxing holiday. Watch the activities of giant bats and spiders that live in most of the forest. Wildlife is best witnessed through well-organized safari trips.

Tourists are permitted to see perfume distilleries situated at Bamboa. More and more tourists now visit this nation as it has something to offer to all age groups and thus families enjoy the place.

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