Post Adoption Depression Syndrome


Post Adoption Depression Syndrome


Post Adoption Depression Syndrome - Pads - Post Adoption Depression Syndrome Symptoms - Causes Of Post Adoption Depression Syndrome » Post Adoption Depression SyndromeAs the name suggests, Post Adoption Depression Syndrome or PADS is the panic, anxiety, sadness and depression which parents of adopted children face within few weeks of adoption itself. Science is slowly beginning to recognize this problem as a form of medical problem as this problem can range from simple depression blues of few days to severe depression requiring hospitalization. Given below are various causes and symptoms associated with PADS.

Scientific studies of PADS have found that over half of adopted mothers face this problem. While post partum depression is a result of hormonal changes which occur after birth of a baby, psychologists claim that post adoption depression occurs by sudden overwhelming demands of the infant accompanied by additional social as well as financial responsibility.

Moreover, there are also other factors which can have a role to play in this sort of problem. For instance, the child may have been adopted from an orphanage where he might have had a different kind of living. Making the child get adjusted to the new environment, and even coping up with various tantrums, behavioral problems and adjustability issues of the child can take a toll on parents leading to PADS. Similarly, the stress of being new parents, lack of sleep and even legal uncertainties associated with adoption can trigger this sort of depression.

Post Adoption Depression Syndrome usually displays the following symptoms. The mother might display extreme and fluctuating emotions. You might have a depressed mood for the majority of the day with emotions of anxiety, sadness and irritation. Loss of interest in daily activities, loss of appetite, weight loss or weight gain, fatigue and even suicidal thoughts are associated with PADS. Sometimes the problem can get aggravated and might even require hospitalization. You should get emotional, psychological as well as medical help if required to deal with the problem of Post Adoption Depression Syndrome. health

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