Post Baby Workout


Post Baby Workout


Post Baby Workout - Weight gain after pregnancy - Walking exercise - Shoulder press ยป Post Baby WorkoutThe one thing which troubles pregnant women is the thought of weight gain after pregnancy. No need to worry as you can regain back your perfect figure with the help of some post-baby workouts which are safe and effective.

The safest and basic exercise is that of walking. Newly become mothers usually face the trouble of taking out time for themselves and their body as they become busy taking care of the newborn. However, you can start exercising post-baby by starting off with even a 5 minute walk with your baby in a stroller. This will help you exercise along with having your baby in front of your eyes. Moreover, it also helps in warming up of body which is essential before taking up any kind of workout. Start with a 5 minutes walk and then slowly extend it according to your endurance level. Also slowly increase your pace. Moreover, you need to exercise to strengthen your mid-section to avoid back pains. You can exercise with your baby thus being free of the tension of his safety. You can do baby overhead shoulder press which involves the basic step of first securely holding your baby with hands at shoulder level.

Then proceed to press your baby up over your head until your arms are extended. Return to the starting position and repeat according to prescribed repetitions. With your baby, you can also perform baby Ab crunch. This starts by lying on back and holding the baby on your stomach with your legs supporting your baby. Then, proceed to crunch up towards your baby and then return to the starting position. Repeat according to the prescribed repetitions.

Follow these simple post-baby workouts to have a fit body along with enjoying the benefits of exercising with your baby in sight. fitness

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