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Prevent Tooth Decay


Prevent Tooth Decay - Children Tooth Decay - Dental Care - Dental Checkups » How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Children‘Don’t eat too many sweets’- This is a common advice almost all mothers give their children to keep their teeth healthy and strong. There is no denying the fact that excessive intake of sweets and chocolates leads to cavities and tooth decay. However, along with limiting sugary items, children also need regular dental care to naturally prevent tooth decay.

As a mother, when do you think about your child’s dental care? Most of us wait for the first tooth of a child to appear. However, proper dental care starts much before the appearance of permanent teeth. Proper care of gums is needed to ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy and cavity-free.

After you feed your baby, you should use a cloth to wipe away the feed from the gums of the baby. This will help in preventing your baby’s gums and teeth from bacteria.

Regular brushing is the law of good dental health. Make brushing in the morning and before sleeping a habit with your children. Also, your child should brush or at least rinse his mouth after meals. Like brushing, regularly flossing is also a must.

As a parent, you should ensure that you frequently change the toothbrush of your child. Preferably, they should be changed after three months. Also, dentists suggest changing of toothbrush after some mouth infection or illness.

A healthy diet is a must. Not only should you prevent your child from eating sweets and sugary products, you should encourage him to eat a well balanced diet. A nutritious diet consisting of fruits and vegetables helps in preventing tooth decay.

Along with the above given tips, you should also make your child drink plenty of water. Also, regular dental checkups are a must to ensure that your child has healthy and strong teeth. family

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