Prince Zuko's Entire Backstory Explained

Prince Zuko's Entire Backstory Explained


Prince Zuko accepts, believing that he'll duel the general he'd accosted. However, when he shows up at the dueling chamber of the royal palace, Zuko found that he was being challenged by his father. Fire Lord Ozai believes Zuko disrespected him personally with his outburst in the meeting, and that his conduct reflected poorly on the family. 

Agni Kai duels are fought until one participant is burned, but Zuko refuses to fight his own father. Rather than take up a dueling stance, the young prince falls to his knees in front of Ozai and the audience, begging for forgiveness. This is an intolerable display of weakness in Ozai's eyes, and he brands his son a coward. Showing vulnerability is just another instance of disrespect to the Fire Lord, who vows to punish Zuko for not showing proper deference.

"You will learn respect, and suffering will be your teacher," he says, unleashing a fireball that permanently scars Zuko's face. 

As further punishment, Ozai banishes his son from the Fire Nation. He tells Zuko that he can return home, and receive his titles and right to the throne, if he captures the Avatar. Zuko sets out with his uncle in the hopes of finding the one true threat to the Fire Nation's plan for world domination.

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