Problems Of Ageing


Problems Of Ageing


Problems Of Ageing - Problem Of Sensing - Sexual Peak - Joint Pain - Heart Attack - Cardio Problems » Problems of ageingDo you know how the body clock takes its toll on you after a period of time? Thus making you suffer with number of ailments. If you really wish to know what happens to your body as you age, then read on!

About your senses
The ability to taste and smell deteriorates with your age. This usually begins at the age of 60.Neraly 30 percent of people of 70-80 age group suffer from the problem of sensing.

About your heart
It has been proved that the risk of heart attack and other related cardio problems increases with the growing age. Especially men with the age group of 45 or more and women with 55 ages or more has a greater chance of suffering from heart problems. So better take care of your heart for a healthy and hearty life.

About muscles
Mind it that muscle loss begins around the age of 30.So it’s very important that you take good care of your body muscles. Without regular exercising habits, muscle mass in women declines by 22 percent between 30 –70 years and 23 percent in men.

About joints
Joint pain is the most common problem of ageing. Normal movement puts so much pressure on your joints and when sports activities create more stress on these painful joints, it leads to wearing out of body joints. The problem of joint pain mainly starts between 40-50 age groups. In extreme conditions, it may also lead to the condition known as osteoarthritis- which is a severe joint pain problem.

Sexual peak
Women are best in bed when they are in their middle ages around 35, while men are thought to be at peak at 18. This is because at this time the testosterone levels are at highest. But mind it peak hormone does not mean peak sexual performance, there’s a large difference between two. As your age grows, the testosterone level begins to fall down, which becomes the main reason for men buying medicines after the age of 41. health

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