Providencia Island


Providencia Island


If some one makes an attempt to characterize Providencia in that case it will shout ‘beaches’. Providencia by no means has any other identity excluding its out of the ordinary beaches. It is the beaches where any painter can simply paint a master piece as well as poet can easily write a prose regarding the beauty of its beaches.Providencia beaches are a component of San Andres as well as Providencia Archipelago, part of Colombia on the other hand being nearer to Nicaragua. The Colombian rule presents for no oversees tourists can acquire a property of land at this juncture, which has been by no means a holdup for Providencia, on the other hand is a fortunate thing, in favor of it has capable of keeping its natural attractiveness at its finest. There is not anything similar to the best snorkeling destinations or else best diving destinations in the world. It is a single self-effacing, unpretentious and only one of its kind place that is inexpensive by each and every one, low key or else the budget tourist.

A place by means of a few khaki semi-circulars similar to the so-called Playa Manzanillo is sensation of the entire place located on the Providencia Island, it is such a astounding place that the tourists will get rooted to the place to a certain extent after that going to any place.

Providencia Island

In favor of each and every die hard romantic individual there is the very popular lovers bridge, it is the bridge that unites the Providencia along with Santa Catlina, which is an incredibly undersized island placed quite closer to the Providencia Island. In addition the saunter is exceedingly pretty as well as you will for sure fall in love with this pretty bridge. This place has been accurately named as the lover’s bridge- meant for as soon as you stroll holding hand in hand along with your lover or else your spouse, it is similar to an expedition that you will take as to put in on the moments, which you will lovingly add against you care for. The complete island has merely one single footpath.

Despite the fact that the island is quite depended on Providencia tourism, however this has by no means boasting of the five star hotels as well as big resorts.


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