Relationships - Couples - Dating » Falling in Love Again and AgainI suppose that it is possible for some people to fall in love again and again. We may love a person or persons at one time and stop loving them at the next, but begin to love them again at another time. Also, since love is a natural feeling and an emotion, I do suppose that it is normal for a person to fall in love more than one time in a course of a lifetime with one or more people.

Do you remember the first person you fell in love with and if so, are you still with them or not? If yes, then the love that you both had for each other is still strong and it is also possible that in periods of that relationship, either you and/or your partner had stopped loving each other for a while and went back to loving each other again.

If you are not with the first person you loved right now, but did have a relationship with that person in the past, then the love for that person had died or just faded away (not to say that you do not want to get back with that person, but for right now the love fire that was burning inside of you is not there.)

I mean we all have the capability to fall in love over and over again with different people at different times in our lives, so for us or anybody to say that we can not love someone else after meeting and being with the first person we loved is not true and should not feel guilty about loving someone else.

Even in non-marriage situations where one or both partners are seeking other partners for love and companionship, should not be a problem since the couple does not really love each other at this point, but maybe love each other at some other time. A person can not help who they fall in love with, no matter what their race, origin, lifestyles, or creed is and as I have stated before that true love never dies (it can cool down but never die.)

What is the reason people fall in love again and again? Well, it can be a number of reasons, but a top reason could be that one of partners in the relationship somehow and someway did or say something to the other partner that hurt their felling and/or changed their opinion considerably, which cooled their feelings toward the other partner. relationships fall-in-love how-to-fall-in-love-again just-fall-in-love-again to-fall-in-love-again

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