Revealing Details About Taylor Lautner's Life Today


Revealing Details About Taylor Lautner's Life Today


Robert Pattinson surprised everyone in May 2019, when he landed the eponymous leading role in The Batman, yet another big screen adventure based on the crime-fighting antics of the Caped Crusader. But should producers need to recast Bruce Wayne in the near future, they could do worse than to look toward Pattinson's own Twilight co-star.

Nearly a year after The Batman's casting announcement, Taylor Lautner put his hat into the superhero ring with a tongue-in-cheek video uploaded to Instagram. In the short clip, the actor springs out from a green garbage bin while sporting a flimsy sumo wrestling costume and knock-off Batman mask. After the bin tips over, Lautner brushes himself off, offers a wave, and pops open an umbrella before sprinting off. Oh, and the whole thing, rather confusingly, is sound-tracked by the iconic theme to Mission Impossible.

It was all very random, as Lautner appeared to recognize in the clip's caption. "I'm sorry this had to live on your feed," the star remarked. However, the unusual audition went down well with most of his followers and has since racked up over an impressive 1.2 million views. Of course, Lautner had technically already beaten Team Edward to the superhero punch, having starred as the titular shark-human hybrid in 2005's The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl.



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