Risks Of Teen Pregnancy


Risks Of Teen Pregnancy


Risks Of Teen Pregnancy - Teen Pregnancy - Teen Pregnancy Statistics - Teen Pregnancy Signs - Causes Of Teen Pregnancy - Teen Pregnancy Symptoms » Risks of Teen PregnancyWe are often hearing news about a rise in teenage pregnancy which is one of the most critical issues to be addressed today. Becoming pregnant at such a tender age poses a risk not only to the mother,but also the unborn baby. Along with staggering health risks, the odds are stacked against the children of teen parents from the moment they are born and such children face problems of having a productive future. There are lots of physical, emotional and psychological problem associated with teen pregnancy and thus it is a health and a social problem which demands immediate attention.

The death rate from pregnancy complications is much higher in teenage girls. This is because a regular menstrual cycle in girls begins about the age of 11 and 16 and during this period the bones of girls are not mature and their body is still in the development stage. Becoming pregnant at such a tender age poses a lot of physical and emotional health risks which can even be fatal. In addition, due to immaturity and fear, teenage pregnant girls do not give importance to nutrition, exercise and proper health care which is required for the health of mother and baby. Most likely, teenage mothers remain undernourished which leads to premature or prolonged labor and thus poses a risk to the mother’s health.

While teenage pregnancies can have major drawbacks for a mother’s health, there are also various complications which come for the new born baby. It has been found that children of teen mothers are generally born with immature organ systems which restrict them from growing into successful adults. Slow cognitive development, behavioral problems, mental retardation and higher mortality rate are all associated with the unfortunate babies of teen mothers. Thus, teenage pregnancy needs to be controlled and brought under check as it is a threat to the mother’s as well as to the child’s life.

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