Sacred Valley Attractions


Sacred Valley Attractions


The Sacred valley: The very name of ‘The Sacred Valley‘ has a charm and mystery about it. Around 15 km away from Cuzco this valley actually covers the beautiful Rio Urubamba. The valley with its own twists and turns is actually full of ancient Inca statues and architectures.Sacred Valley Attractions

Attractions: The main attractions are the archaeological sites of Pisac and Ollantaytambo. Pisac is almost 33km away from Cuzco. The main thing to see here is the lofty Inca fortress on the top of mountain. Apart from that you can also visit the colonial village beside the river. You can also go to Pisac by trekking. Apart from Pisac another attraction of the Sacred Valley is Ollantaytambo.

This peaceful village is considered to be the best place to understand the ancient Inca city planning. There is large fortress overlooking the village. The streets are narrow and are made of cobblestone. It is said that thye village is actually divided in small divisions.

The divisions are called ‘Canchas‘. Here also you can come by trekking the path. Urubamba resides between Pisac and Cuzco. Here you will not find any place or thing of historical interest but it is a nice place to enjoy rest. The beautiful scenic beauty of the country side will captivate your mind. From here you can also plan your journey to Machu Picchu.

Tour: To visit the whole Sacred Valley you can avail the travel and tour agencies of Cuzco. There are various agencies to help you out. They will offer tours with showing you the important archaeological places and obviously stopping now and then at the market places. But to enjoy the natural scenic beauty and the essence of The Sacred Valley you yourself can plan the tour plan.

Transport: Urubamba is the Valley’s main transportation point. There is a big bus terminus and from there you can go to Cuzco, Pisaq and even Ollantaytamba. You can also have cab or taxies.

Hotels: There are several hotels in Cuzco since it is quite a big city. But if you want to pass some peaceful day you can also stay at Urubamba. A visit to this Sacred Valley is something interesting and unforgettable.


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