secrets to long life


secrets to long life


secrets to long life - Secrets of a Long and Healthy Life - Happy and Healthy Life - How to Live a Long Healthy Life » The Secrets to a Long LifeEveryone likes to keep secrets; but here we are unveiling some key secrets which can help you extend your years, that too in a healthy and happy way. Unlike the age old quest for a fountain of youth or a magic wand, here we will show you how easy it is to extend your life. All it needs is a sincere effort and a healthy re-connection with nature, which unfortunately we all have somewhere left behind in our quest for material success.

If you carry a constant frown on your face and tension lines on your forehead, then you are yourself reducing health and years from your life. The secret of a long and healthy life lies not in constant frowns, but in a happy and a stress-free mind and body. Research has found out that stress is a major root cause for a majority of diseases which cut short your happy and healthy life. De-stress yourself, relax your mind and carry an optimistic and positive attitude with you. Think ‘I can’ and you will be able to do things without taking tension.

Watch what you eat. Having a nutritious diet is a must and you must forsake your temptation to indulge in fatty and unhealthy diet as it’s not good for your health. If you want a long life, you want it to be healthy, not one tainted with loads of ailments. Thus, have a healthy, nutritious and a well balanced diet. Similarly, water is nature’s best gift that keeps the body healthy and youthful.

Have you ever wondered why our ancestors had a higher average life span than the present generation? This is because they were much closer to nature than we are. We have forsaken nature for the comforts of technology. However, to have a long life, you have to forsake the comfort of your cars for a healthy walk; computer and video games for natural outdoor games. In a nutshell, you need fresh air and exercise for a healthy and long life.

Thus, given above are some simple secrets that can help you have a healthy and a long life. health

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