Senegal Travel Guide

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Senegal Travel Guide


Senegal is sitauted on the Atlantic Ocean on the western coast of Africa bordered by Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, and Guinea-Bissau; from the west Senegal is penetrated by wedge-shaped Gambia. The coastal boundary is 250 km long. It became a republic in 1960.

The natives are Fulani, Wolof, Serer and other ethnic groups. Religion followed is Islam. Official language is French followed by Wolof, Fulani, and Serer. Thies and Kaolack are the other major cities. Chief rivers is Senegal and Gambia.

Climate is tropical with distinct summer rainy season. The sun is visible all through the year.

Dakar the capital city is modern with business centres adjoining the Atlantic coast. The tourist visit the local museums, listen to the wonderful local music, frequent the beaches, and enjoy the shopping experience. Wolof community has long tradition of drum playing, singing, dancing to music on daily basis and on important days.

Senegal is a beautiful country dotted with seaside resorts, a rich past, modern amenities, and national parks, variety of flora and fauna, standardized popular scuba diving, snorkelling facilities near about Goree Island and Madeleine Islands close to Dakar and fishing sites. Its beaches are well kept and inviting, there are many estuaries, mangrove swamps, and semi-desert towards the northern end.

The six national parks have extinct animals in good numbers well preserved in the habitat. Many tourists are attracted for hunting here. Animals such as warthogs, buffalos, lions, etc., are pursed with licensed guides. The hunting paraphernalia along with campsites, lodges, hotels is well organised. Hunting permit sanction is mandatory. The local weapons are to be used for hunting.

Centuries old wrestling is like a national game here. There is lot of money in the game and glamour follows the winners. Many tourists plan their visit to coincide with this event.

Those visiting Senegal have a wide choice in picking up gifts from the rich local craft makers. Many tourists are seen roaming the streets in Ziguinchor, St. Lious, Kaplack, and the capital city choosing their souvenirs. Cotton fabric is another speciality of the region.

Senegal Travel Guide

Nature appreciators visit Retba Lake or the Pink Lake as it is also known because of its colour. In sunlight, it appears purple. The water has concentration of salt and rare bacteria. It is at an hour distance from Dakar. The villages in the vicinity are worth a visit to see how the rural live their lives. The place is modern yet primitive.


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