Sexual Rejection


Sexual Rejection


Sexual Rejection - Tips For a Healthy Sex Life - How to Be Closer in a Relationship » Is your sex life getting affectedDo you know that women take sexual rejection very personally especially if their sense of self-worth is linked to love and acceptance from their partner? You will be astonished to read that when a sexual advance by a woman is turned down by her partner, she started to view herself as being an inadequate lover. Believe me, this holds 100 percent true for majority of women. So guys don’t be too harsh on your woman, no matter whatever situation you face in your life, just be supportive and care for her. Make sure you do not neglect her and affect your sexual life. Here are some tips for you females, that you can make use of, if you find your sex life going on a toss.

hey women, instead of showing empathy or blaming your partner for the adverse financial condition you both are facing or subsequent lack in interest, just assume a sound role and make attempts to motivate him to be optimistic and deal with the crisis ‘together’. Don’t add to your husband’s woes by being demanding, aggressive. Always keep in mind that blaming your husband for loss of money as well as sex has a direct attack on his manhood which makes the matter worse. Always keep in mind that healthy and relaxed mind is very much important for having a mutually satisfied physical intimate life.

Indulge into more non-sexual touching like back rub or head massage for developing intimacy.

Tell him that you will get through this difficult phase ‘together’ and that you believe in him. it will certainly build a more closer relationship between you two.

At times, you as a woman can take the lead, touch your partner more sensually, with no pressure to perform, and see if he wants to take it forward. relationships sexual

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