Shopping, Beaches & Nightlife in Nice


Shopping, Beaches & Nightlife in Nice


Nice is located in France, moreover is a great summer holiday destinations in Europe, as it permits tourists for visiting seaside as well as take benefit of the numerous private beaches in the region. Summer is as well regarded as the best time to visit Nice as it permits tourists to enjoy walks through the French scenery. If you are looking out for summer holiday destinations across France, provided below are few options that will let you consider Nice as a prospective option.

Nice Jazz Festival

Nice Jazz Festival is celebrated in mid summer around the end of July, moreover draws a massive number of visitors from all corners of Europe. This event was started in the year 1940 and is celebrated in the prominent venue, Parc de Cimiez. All of the jazz enthusiasts are in no doubt to enjoy an outing to Nice during summer.

Shopping in Nice

This county has copiousness of appealing stores, which will permit you to buy exclusive souvenirs, merchandise and clothing. Nice has numerous stores and boutiques where you can buy designer clothes, fine wines, and various other items. Shopaholics can purchase beautiful flowers, spices, fragrant dried lavender, cutlery, olive oil, French breads as well as fascinating souvenirs from Cours Saleya Flower Market.

Beaches in Nice

Nice is acknowledged for it’s enlarging of shoreline and stunning pebble beaches. If you are planning for beach holiday in France, then a stop over here any time in summer can be well thought-out. Nice has both private and public beaches where the former has entry tickets and the latter has free entrance.


Musicalia is a musical festival that takes place in the various regions of Nice all through the summer as well as music lovers will like an excursion in the region during this time. All through the event, Nice puts on a number of dance performances and musical concerts which city tourists can watch. There are as well film screenings of short films and musicals all through this event.

Nightlife in Nice

Nice as well attributes an opera set shows as well as classical music performances all across this region in addition to tourists who are fond of visiting opera can enjoy so in the month of August. All of the above- mentioned events are organized at the Clôitre du Monastère de Cimiez.

Shopping, Beaches & Nightlife in Nice destinations

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