Signs Of A Serial Dater


Signs Of A Serial Dater


Signs Of A Serial Dater - How To Identify And Avoid The Serial Dater & Spotting Commitment Phobic Men » Serial Dater: Learn To Read The SignsAll of us are familiar with the dreaded term, “confirmed bachelor”. This is a breed that suffers from commitment phobia or fear of commitment and is happy with the idea of having an active and diverse social life and enjoying all the benefits of a relationship without confining themselves with the ties of marriage.

Another nomenclature which has been assigned to this class of bachelor in the modern times is that of a “serial dater” or commitment phobic.

Ironically women are more attracted towards these category of men because they have been blessed with almost supernatural powers of charm and seductiveness. They are experts at luring women with suave talk and their smooth personality. They will seem like the best of companions, charming, well-informed, courteous, almost all the qualities would be present in them which can drive any woman crazy. But these too good to be true gentleman are often that; too good to be true.

They are alright for a casual fling if you are smart enough to recognize the signs and okay with a short, carefree fling but if you happen to fall for their façade, then it might prove to be a tough break for you. Here are some clues to hone into these “serial daters” and recognize them a mile away.

Not found the right “woman”: When a guy wants to avoid the topic of why he has not been in a committed relationship, he would usually use the clichéd excuse of not finding the right woman yet. If he has been on planet earth in the recent times and is a decent looking man with a steady income and hasn’t been married or committed yet then that might seem to be a little fishy. You might want to delve a little deeper to find out the truth.

He is well known in the ladies circle: These commitment phobic men would have left several broken hearts in their trail and it is more than likely that?they?are well-known to a lot of ladies. So if he is reluctant to go to a particular hang-out he might just be avoiding his old conquests. Guys who are serial daters usually date multiple women at the same time and if he is bombarded with calls from the opposite sex, there might be a cause for concern.

It’s all about the sex: You have been going on these wonderful dates with the most dashing guy you have been out with in a long time and the sex is out of this world. But that’s the entire diameter of your relationship, starts with a date and ends in bed and your continuous attempts at getting him to talk about the future meets with vague replies. This is a very likely a sign that you are dating a guy with fear of commitment.

It’s only the two of you: Guys who are interested in you would shortly want to include you in their personal lives. They would like you to get to know their friends, colleagues and maybe parents too. But the ones who are only looking for a good time are unlikely to take you to meet any of their serious friends or family. There would always be only the two of you whenever you meet; and it might feel like an intimate get together; but is very likely an attempt on his part to keep it “simple”. relationships

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