Signs Of Autism


Signs Of Autism


Signs Of Autism - Symptoms Of Autism - Emotional Effects Of Autism - Social Skills And Autism » Signs of AutismIf you find some problems in social and communication skills of your child, then you might like to get a test done for autism. This is because autism is a congenital problem which usually affects the development of communication and language in children. It is basically a brain development disorder and people with autism display different symptoms. It is thus said that no two autistic people are alike. While symptoms of autism differ from person to person, given below are some generic signs and symptoms of this problem.

As mentioned before, autism is a problem which affects language and communication in a person. Delayed or unusual speech patterns, difficulty speaking or understanding words, having an abnormal tone of speech, repeating phrases and words heard often but without understanding them, and other speech and language comprehending problems are associated with autism. Thus, such children learn to speak much later than other children and some of them are unable to speak clearly throughout their life.

Along with verbal communication, people with autism also have difficulty understanding nonverbal communication and their inability to comprehend language or emotions affects their social interaction. Basic nonverbal communication signs like eye contact, body postures and signals, facial expressions and others are not easily understood by people suffering from autism. They thus find it difficult to start or continue a conversation and often lack the ability to make friends.

As discussed above, a sign of autism includes difficult in social interaction and such children fail to make friends easily. They also have limited interest in games and physical activities, and most of their movements need guidance from others. Along with the given social and language problems, children suffering from autism often display behavioral problems like frequent mood swings, tantrums and outbursts.

Thus, the above given symptoms are some basic signs of autism through which you can find out if a person or if your child is autistic or not. health emotional-effects-of-autism signs-of-autism social-skills-and-autism symptoms-of-autism

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