Skin Cancer Symptoms


Skin Cancer Symptoms


Skin Cancer Symptoms - Risk Factors For Skin Cancer - Skin Cancer and Moles - Treatment for Skin Cancer ยป Symptoms of Skin CancerCancer is a serious problem, often fatal in nature if timely treatment and remedial action is not taken. To prevent the serious consequences of cancer, it is necessary to recognize its symptoms in its early stages itself.

This article will talk about skin cancer and the various symptoms associated with it.

As the name suggests, skin cancer is a cancer of the skin region and is usually caused by overexposure to harmful UV rays. In addition, it has been found that people with fair skin and those with blue and light colored eyes have a higher risk factor for skin cancer.

Also, if you have a family history of skin cancer or if you have ever suffered from any other kind of cancer, then too you can be vulnerable to being affected by skin cancer.

Here are some symptoms which can help you identify the problem of skin cancer in time. Skin cancer leads to changes in skin appearance. People suffering from skin cancer often find many moles on their skin.

If your moles proliferate in number or if your moles change in shape or color, then you must get yourself checked by a doctor.

Skin cancer also leads to sores that take time to heal. People suffering from skin cancer can also show symptoms like changes in their skin color, new and unusual growths on skin, ulcers in the skin, and even irritation of skin.

In addition, skin cancer also leads to the skin becoming rough and scaly. Also, sometimes there can be red and even bleeding lumps on the skin.

You must keep a track of the above given symptoms of skin cancer to recognize the problem in time. A regular self examination of your skin helps in early detection and treatment of skin cancer. health

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