Sleep Hygiene Tips


Sleep Hygiene Tips


Sleep Hygiene Tips - Tips for Proper Sleep - Sleepless Nights » Sleep Hygiene TipsDo you suffer from disrupted sleep or sleepless nights? If yes, then you must follow the below given sleep hygiene tips to have a calm and a relaxed sleep.

Just like personal hygiene is necessary to keep one healthy, sleep hygiene is necessary to get a good sleep.

Sleep hygiene refers to the basic steps and sleep habits that can help in enhancing sleep and thereby help in preventing sleep related problems like insomnia.

One of the basic sleep hygiene tips involves following a proper sleep pattern and schedule. Have a time set-up for sleeping and waking up as this helps in regulating your body’s internal clock. If you wake up late at night and have erratic sleep timings, then it can have an adverse effect on your sleep and can eventually hamper your overall health. In addition, you should also avoid sleeping long hours during afternoons as it can disrupt your night’s sleep.

Most of us tend to disrespect our body’s sleep signals like yawning and tiredness. However, you should go to sleep when your mind tells you that it’s exhausted and needs rest.

Another key tip for sleep hygiene includes building a calm and a peaceful environment for sleep. Switch off your lights and television sets when it’s time to go to bed. In addition, ensure that you have comfortable mattresses and bedding.

Other sleep hygiene tips include avoiding having alcohol or caffeinated drinks about four hours before sleeping time. Similarly, you should avoid intake of heavy and spicy meals during night.

Having a pre-sleep ritual like having a warm water bath, reading books, or listening to light and relaxing music can also help in providing a relaxed and a peaceful sleep. Deep breathing for few minutes before sleeping is also helpful.

Follow the above given sleep hygiene tips to have a proper and a sound sleep. health

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