Smoking in Public Places

Smoking in Public Places

Smoking in Public Places - The Side Effects of Smoking - Smoke Free India - India Bans Smoking in Public » How Effectively We Can Control Public SmokingThis is a must read article for every one and especially for the people who wants to lead a different life style by giving something to the people and by gaining something for themselves.

To bring awareness among the people, in India we still have to go so far. The Govt of India has sealed the public smoking but there seems to be no improvement. We can still smell or see people smoking even in the no smoking zone. Public smoking creates havoc to non smokers as the smell is very strong and it directly goes inside your mouth or nose. Sometimes it suffocates the people around.

The government of India should come out with strong resolution for the person who violates the rule that has been implemented by the government. Nevertheless, the health ministry has tried to bring change among the people by creating public health awareness.

However, we as pubic can bring awareness to the people who smoke in the public places. We can tell them not to smoke from our own way. Being a common man does not hinder you to give a call to health awareness campaign. We can do bit by bit by telling the people about the side effects of the smoking. Let them know that inhaling toxic smoke does much harm to our health especially your lung is damaged.

Do not tell the people rudely to those who smokes near you, there are a softer way of dealing. Adopt a method which you think will be effective. Public awareness can be created only if the public themselves don’t sit quietly, collectively stand together and educate people about the bad effects of the smoking.

In the family, children could be the effective instrument to tell father or elders not to smoke. Smoking has strong impact on non smokers as well, as the smoke pollutes the surroundings and the air produced is directly inhaled.

Older people should strictly prohibit the smoking since it has the immediate effect in their health. Don’t depend only on government’s action, just start your action from your home and create a smoke and pollution free atmosphere and lead a healthy, clean and long life. Save environment and save yourself. This could be the best life style for some health concerned group or people. Why only leading a stereotype life style? lifestyle india-bans-smoking-in-public smoke-free-india smoking-in-public-places the-side-effects-of-smoking

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