Solo Travel Information and Travel Guide


Solo Travel Information and Travel Guide


Some may find it monotonous but traveling alone has its rewards. The important thing to keep  in mind is the joy of exploring new places, learning about unknown cultures, history, art and architecture, cuisine, and of course, meeting new and interesting people.

Solo travelers need to be knowledgeable, smart, alert and in possession of sufficient common sense, confidence and courage.

Travelers desiring to journey alone shouldn’t pay attention to condescending, pitying comments about their loneliness and pathetic existence. Remember ‘attitude changes everything.’ If you think you’re having fun, you are.

Solo Travel Information and Travel Guide

Nevertheless, face the daunting challenge of traveling alone armed with more than attitude – a well-made plan, good, strong resources and backups as well as emergency plans will help you feel much better about boarding that plane or ship alone.

Solo Travel Information and Travel Guide

Make a detailed itinerary of your travel plans. This not only includes the places you’ll visit but departure and arrival timing too. Attempt to arrange your flight in a manner that allows you to reach your destination during daylight. For a single traveler, this option is safer and easier.

Solo Travel Information and Travel Guide

Travel during the peak tourist season so that you can blend in with the crowd without actually being a part of it. Of course, the crowds may get on your nerves but you’ll also multiply your chances of meeting people from different countries.

Blend in with local cultures and customs by observing the dress code relevant in a particular place. Avoid offending religious sentiments; dress modestly in places of worship.

While this rule holds true for all travelers, perhaps the ones who are alone need to exercise more caution – avoid wearing or carrying excessive jewelry or valuables. Thieves and cons are common to every country.

It may seem obvious but minimal luggage is the best way to travel comfortably in solitude. The main reason is that you won’t have the assistance of a companion in sharing the load when you’re tired.

Learn the local language of the country you’re visiting. Be a good conversationalist; stay well versed with your surroundings in order to gain the most enjoyment from your travels.

Finally, maintain a journal and record your experiences daily.


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